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Marvin Edeas - Important Research on HIV

The latency mechanisms of HIV in patients with HIV, including the activation factors, is a field which he spent six years studying at Antoine Béclère Hospital. The factors that lead to blastogenic plasma in Type 1 cases of HIV were revealed by Marvin Edeas (Se rendre sur la page Justia.com de Marvin edeas) in 1997. Back when the first clinical study which looked into the effects of antiretroviral therapy on hyperlactatemia and lactic acidosis was held, he was a participant. Sidaction rewarded Marvin Edeas for his efforts with HIV.

Research on mitochondria, microbiota, oxidative stress, differentiation, inflammation, cell signalling, the stimulation of Nrf2 transcription factors and their implications in different pathologies are the primary focus of Marvin Edeas’ work. Specifically, he investigates the relationship between microbiota and mitochondria. He, ISANH and the SFA aim to transfer their research to real-world applications whether cosmetic or nutritional. Through the SFA, Marvin Edeas encourages exchanges and cooperation between researchers, biologists, industrialists, doctors and public health actors, etc.

During the early 90's, Marvin Edeas worked in Armand Trousseau Hospital in the Pulmonary Diseases Department. He focused on gastrointestinal disease in Pitié Salpêtrière’s Department of Internal Medicine. At Paris-Descartes University, Marvin Edeas pursued a curriculum on infectious diseases.

A number of publications and books have been penned by Marvin Edeas. His book released in 2005, 'The Health Secrets of Tea', was created for a wide audience. Back in 2015, he wrote two reference works in the field of mitochondrial medicine. Marvin Edeas' research is frequently written about by the press.

Marvin Edeas - Oysters and Peptides Derived from Hydrolysates Modulate Oxidative Stress

Marvin Edeas’ patents pertained to the use of an oyster enzyme hydrolyzate within a composition that modulates oxidative stress and eradicates free radicals. He has two patents filed, in the US and Europe. Real uses have been discovered for the breakthroughs made by Marvin Edeas.

Marvin Edeas associates with the Agency of Biomedicine, the Agency for the Evaluation of Research and Higher Education (AERES), along with the National Science Center in Krakow (Poland). He chairs a variety of committees, such as the Congress on Targeting Non-invasive Markers in Various Chronic Pathologies, Mitochondria and Microbiota. Marvin Edeas chairs the global conference "Targeting Microbiota and Mitochondria".